Yellow Dragon Massage

The yellow dragon massage system is a synergism of physical massage and spiritual concepts.

Its goal is to create physical well-being and releasing trauma and emotional pain trapped in the body, releasing energy blockages, freeing the Kundalini flow while activating and aligning the Chakras.

The Yellow Dragon System is a standardized method, meaning it does not make diagnose and is used "as is" for every person, it is not personal and also clients are asked about their health background it is only to decide if it is OK to treat them and not to diagnose their problems.

Yellow Dragon Massage Core concepts are

• Trauma and emotional pain are stored in the body and unconscious mind, from before birth and throughout life.

• Trauma and emotional pain are materialized in the body as cramped muscles, which in turn affects our posture and other muscles that have to compensate or realign.

• The unconscious and conscious minds are mapped on the Buttocks and Back (analogous to foot reflex points and body).

• Root of a person's physical stress is in the buttocks (mirroring the subconscious), there is the main trauma Storage.

• Left side of Body for the feminine and right side of Body for masculine.


• pain body

• KUNDALINI energy (energy that flows in the spinal cord)

• Chakras (energy centers)

• Pranayama

• Developmental trauma (Childhood trauma)

with Massaging one addresses a few levels at the same time

• Physical - Muscle- tension, joints mobilization, Lymph drainage.

• Emotional - feeling the other person Pains and emphasizing with it.

• energetic- opening and reinforcing energy flow in energy channels.

• spiritual - praying for well-being setting healing intentions.



  • Before the session asking if there are any physical preconditions like diseases or operations that might restrain from continuing.

  • Explaining to the clients that when I massage a blocked painful area he should breathe deeply and keep relaxed, surrendering to the process and asking him to give a sign if it is too much.

  • massaging the muscles using a scale of deep tissue to relaxing massage according to the body's reactions.

  • Massaging outward, above hips through shoulders and hands, under Hip through legs and feet.

  • when massaging blocked areas making sure the client can stay relaxed and is not holding his breath.

  • In some cases with the agreement of the client, I would tell a simple tale, always the same tale, while massaging. The tale describes the client holding himself as a Baby, connecting with the baby, feeding, changing washing, singing, tickling, and looking into the baby's eyes, then allowing one of the Parents in and making sure the baby and the person realize the parent can not interact with the Baby in any way unless desired by both baby and adult, for example even if the parent tries to grab the baby his/ her hand will go through the air and will not touch the baby and so on as this is the private space of the person and the baby and there they are in total control, then the parent would be thanked for invested energy and waved away by baby and client, the baby would be put to sleep and changing body side procedure will repeat with the other parent.


  • Communicating ideas without talking.- silently describing concepts and communicating with the Person while Massaging.
  • Pranayama to shield and separate client masseur energy.- using pranayama as often as possible, especially when feeling overcome from the session, emotional or physical stress, encouraging clients to breathe deeply and release pain and stress with deep breathing.
  • understanding people's regressions, behavior, attitude, smell, obesity, and so on, as Mirrors of their fears, inner prisons, and self-defense mechanism understanding their defensive functions that were once needed, praising it and asking it to stop as it had accomplished its goal.
  • After the massage, imagine the pain-body that was "maped" and using a Thrill vibration separate it from the living body shattering it and leaving it behind in space and time.
  • After massage using pranayama techniques to separate the client and masseur energy.

The Yellow Dragon Massage system is developed by Tom Gamal and is based on Life experience and learning: Tai Chi, Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Massage, and so on.

Alice Miller Developmental trauma concepts and her book The Drama of the Gifted Child.

Tom Gamal

Born 1971 in Israel.

Born into a war and raised in the shadow of war in Northern Israel.

Development trauma in the first year and injuries as adolescence pushed me to find alternative ways to physically connect with people as normal teenage contact was prohibited by PTSD, and so I started massaging at age of 16.

Living in Berlin, Running a studio for 4 years with 5 workers, and practicing daily.

I am struggling with the establishment that to my understanding is blocking many avenues for development with anachronism and laws from 1935 hindering free and open development and sharing of ideas, concepts, and methods regarding health and massage, in the pretense of safeguarding people from charlatans and insuring the registered Clika of Dr.'s and Heilpraktikers (in Germany) exclusivity.

my goal is to help raise the consciousness in me and others, test my knowledge and understandings and

to apply them.