Full emotional range education


The problem the human spirit is not evolving as fast as its antithetical and technological capabilities, leading to huge amounts of suffering and a dark future with apocalyptic outcomes like destroyed
environment, depletion of resources, wars and violence, the ruling class and slave class, the threat of nuclear destruction, hunger, and poverty.


As I experience many traumas GROWING in Israel amidst wars and terror attacks, suffering from head injure from a bomb
attack, and living a devastating life of fear, sickness, loneliness, and self-conflict, I found the only direction still open to me is to understand the roots of all this hatred and find ways to help mend it, if only to find personal peace within myself.
In my view, there is a problem with the development of the human spirit and morals.
Reminiscing from history and the current state of affairs I observed that new technical solutions such as social, economic, or political structures and systems are being and have been introduced throughout the generations and as I can judge, the nature of man, greed, and immaturity, will distort any practical implementation of those systems (capitalism, socialism,
Communism even democracy itself, religions, etc.), so I turned my inner eye to myself and my faults. I figured any
of us are programmed at an early age, adopting patterns of behavior, reactions, and thoughts that actually recreate the state of affair that caused them and that one wants to avoid.
So for example, a kid that is subjected to desertion will create a thick emotional skin that will, in turn, make it impossible for him to get close to others in later times, recreating the same alienation and seclusion that he would like to avoid.
Looking further I felt that our gender perception plays a big role in stagnating social and moral development.
I'm assuming that in the world today there is a severe gender issue, children learn to suppress their feelings and abilities that do not coincide with their physical gender and forced to suppress parts of their personalities and their emotional range.
For example, boys would suppress their emotions and subtle sides while highlighting machismo and girls repress assertiveness and develop the compassion aspects.


As I understand a child that learns to recognize his full span of emotions and capabilities, would be less aggressive and violent with developed compassion and empathy, and an introverted child could express his wishes and deal with the world around it more easily.
The second assumption is that the two sides of the brain work in different ways and can be divided to masculine and feminine
ways of thinking, right side, is very associative hence feminine and left side very linear and assertive hence masculine and
development of one part will inevitably lead to the development of these features, respectively.
Known parts of the brain do the opposite side of the body.
And here thirdly, by activating the corresponding side of the body, we are forcing the opposite side of the brain to function, so if we take an introverted child and have him carry out physical exercises of the right side on a daily basis, the left side of his brain is activated more and creates a situation that would unbalance and strengthen the use of the left linear and assertive
brain part, and without a doctrine, without words and ideas we created a more balanced situation for him. The same goes for children that are aggressive with the exercise of the right side.
I am suggesting an easy program in order to elevate the human spirit around the globe regardless of ethnic, religious, political and\or economical background and state.
It is a set of exercises that should be introduced to all toddlers, anywhere and in any conditions with minimal if any extra costs.
The exercises that I suggest are:
sports exercises on one side of the body.
Reading drawing and viewing in one eye.
finger and hands exercises.
Breathing exercises.
Also, I imagine a teacher who knows the children under his care could divide them into three groups, with more aggressive on the right side balanced in the center and introverts on the left and have them all train together according to the traits they should strengthen, as well as hands and fingers exercises in pairs.
The weak link in this theory is the assumption that the development of one part of the body will result in a development
of the corresponding part of personality.
So much for the theory stage.
To develop the practical part I need a few things:
Intellectual and conceptual feedback.
Help in developing lesson plans and exercises.
Educational settings that will implement this practice and test its validity.
Because I see that violence and lack of empathy are bogging the mainly male world and helplessness on the other hand especially for women, I feel obligated to do my part to promote peace and brotherhood and hence all my passion for the subject.

Late Addition

alternating breathing technique, inhaling through one nostril and exhaling through the other, can be learned to achieve hands-free, will make the person focus completely on his breathing releasing the grip of preprogrammed traumatic learned responses, toddlers could be Taught to recognize stressful situations and apply this breathing technic when it matters in order to come back to their center and not get carried away.

Best regards
Tom Abraham Gamal