Tom Gamal

Born 1971 in Israel.

Born into a war and raised in the shadow of war in Northern Israel.

Development trauma in the first year and injuries as adolescence pushed me to find alternative ways to physically connect with people as normal teenage contact was prohibited by PTSD, and so I started massaging at age of 16.

Living in Berlin, Running a studio for 4 years with 5 workers, and practicing daily.

I am struggling with the establishment that to my understanding is blocking many avenues for development with anachronism and laws from 1935 hindering free and open development and sharing of ideas, concepts, and methods regarding health and massage, in the pretense of safeguarding people from charlatans and insuring the registered Clika of Dr.'s and Heilpraktikers (in Germany) exclusivity.

my goal is to help raise the consciousness in me and others, test my knowledge and understandings and apply them.